You and Villanovist Consulting

If you got to know me by reading my About page and looked at my experiences, and of course had a look at what I can do for you as part of my service packages, you might start wondering how a cooperation with me would be like. The services I offer are involving human interaction, and therefore personal chemistry is extremely important here in most cases. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the match is right. Therefore, I find it important that we understand early on if we can be a good match or not.


Big or Small – Does it Matter?


I am available to work with both small entrepreneurial companies, but just as likely am I interested in big company partnerships. Of course, which service is relevant depends.


Are you a small company in need of big company thinking? Or you are a big company in need of some out-of-the-box perspective? I believe I can help you in both cases.




Since I live in Amsterdam, the most natural location for projects is of course Amsterdam and the surrounding region. This is especially true for longer projects. However, for many projects geography shouldn’t be a restriction, do you need me in a different corner of Europe or even the world? I’m available for assignments abroad just as well, often it might even be that i see it as an advantage, given that i love to travel. Of course, it needs to be a solution that fits you in regards of expenses covered, but often this can easily be arranged.

As Villanovist Consulting is a tax registered Dutch entity I am able to invoice you wherever in the world you are based. You don’t have to worry about employment requirements, visa or other obstacles, you can buy in my services as from any other supplier of goods and services you already use. Fast, reliable and simple.