Interim Financial Management

Having gained experiences from more than a decade of managerial finance roles from around the world, from both a publicly-traded company and from a medium-sized entrepreneurial environment, i can confidently say that I can more often than not be the right candidate to fill the need your company might have for an immediate vacancy.


Benefits of an Interim Solution:


Hiring me on an interim basis has many advantages for you. Here are some of the more important ones:

  • Result orientation: The nature of an interim solution is that th goals and expectation can be agreed upon. Having a result-orientated focus means tangible goals and the habit of working towards specific goals and delivering to a deadline is beneficial from a client point-of-view.
  • Fresh blood, fresh eyes: Coming in from the outside with experiences from a variety of fields and with an independent view on matters can benefit.
  • Flexibility:Do you need a solution quickly? Or do you need a resource more intensely for a certain period, but less so for another? It can always be discussed with me and i guarantee you continuous flexibility. We can continuously adjust the expectations and work according to a schedule that suits you. (Of course, like everything that scarce in life, flexibility will also depend on my availability; the good news is that you will know this as soon as we start talking about a possible project, you will be notified about my availability for a project as soon as we start talking, thus no insecurities, no waste of your time to worry about).
  • Cost effective: Increased flexibility also brings with it a flexible cost pattern. By being able to steer the time spent on an interim solution you can keep an eye on the costs easily. Furthermore, by using my services directly without any intermediaries i can assure you very competitive rates: there aren’t any recruitment or administration costs included, no hidden fees to worry: you pay for what i provide – no more, no less.

Interim Role Example Selection:


  • Financial Manager Stand-In: Are you looking for a new Financial Manager, but for whatever reason it’s not working out? Do you need to cover temporarily due to e.g. illness or maternity leave? I can help fill the gap.
  • Accounting Restructuring/Advice: Do you need to revamp your (management) accounting, but you’re stuck? I have the experience.
  • Change Management Facilitation: Are you going through a restructuring or you would like to implement some changes and you need an extra pair of hands?
  • Special project resource: Are you in the process of implementing a new system or similar?
  • Company “doctoring”: Do you feel that your organisation needs to be improve but you know where to start? I can help you carry out a proper “inventory check”.


Why Am I Your Preferred Interim Solution?

(If You Now Ask Me)


All of the above are certainly all part of my list of valid reasons why I am able to put myself forward as an interim solution from which you can benefit. Of course, most important in the whole equation is the person who is supposed to do the job, that is: me. Without having the right qualities, it’s of course never enough to have the right theoretical arguments, at the end the job carried out is what matters.

Before anything else, what I can promise is that all along the process – from initial discussion to project handover – you will be able to count on my full commitment. At the end, discussing in person and seeing if the right chemistry is available or not will make a partnership possible or not

Here are some reasons why I already now dare to put myself forward and then of course, real-life meeting will tell more:


  • Responsibility: I am who I am and I will tell you from the beginning if the assignment suits me or not
  • Self-going resource: once we agree and I start I can almost guarantee you that not much guidance will required. Throw me into the water and I will swim, thus you can count on having things done from day one.
  • Accountability: It is my interest – more than maybe ever – to deliver well on a project. One project leads to another. But even otherwise, i can assure you that I wouldn’t rst until I do a job that you feel satisfied with.
  • Cost efficiency: I am my own ‘organisation’, there are no hidden costs in my fees and thereby I can remain competitive compared to hiring a resource from an interim service provider with many
  • The ‘despite-everything’ rule: I am in strong favour of making sure that if we start a partnership we know why we do it. However, things could still go wrong. In my effort to make you feel comfortable from the beginning and feel that you’re not dealing with an unproven resource: I offer a 75% refund of our agreed fee on the first day’s charge in case you’re not happy at the end of the first day. In case we would come to a premature end after three days, I guarantee a refund of 50% on my fees.


Of course, I would never dream of that I’m suitable for all projects, it’s just simply not possible. But you can count on an honest answer from start, you will get what you see, and already here on my website you can make your judgment. On these pages I do my best to present myself as honestly as possible, because I know that you can’t bluff time anyway – and there’s no point in wasting each other’s time.