Financial Business Analysis

As technological developments progress and our tools and systems used for managing our businesses improve dramatically, we’re getting better and better at collecting data. Our databases are loaded with information, it’s all there ready to be interpreted. The challenge is: hoe to get the right message out of it?

I have always been known for possessing strong analytical skills and in all honesty, that is what I find the most fun to keep myself busy with, solving problems, finding solutions to puzzles. At the same time, i also know from experiences that most organisations lack skills for interpreting their data in the right way and that’s why I believe that I can make a considerable impact. Here in the Financial Times is just one of the thousands of reports and articles highlighting this problem.

Thus, all companies are getting very good at collecting all the data, but do they make sense of it? Do you have the right structure for understanding your figures? Can you link your financial data to your non-financially driven metrics? Do you have the right tools in place?

I am a strong believer that if you want to gain efficiencies in your business or choosing the right direction to follow, the best way for you to achieve this is by understanding your figures. The value in this understanding is often far exceeding the cost of investment needed for implementing it.

But how do you get there?


Are you a small company that needs to start understanding the data?


You might be one of the many businesses around who started out enthusiastically, things picked up dramatically and now you’re facing the typical growing pains? One way of getting on the right track is to actually understand what is happening, starting by using your figures to create the picture.

I can offer you:

  • Structuring your data.
  • Figuring out the implementation needs to create an ongoing understanding for the figures.
  • Analyse your data to answer your specific questions.
  • Create analysis tools for your further ongoing needs.
  • Create KPIs and a data-driven understanding.
  • And more.


Are you a medium-sized business facing new challenges?


Most companies undergoing rapid growth often end up suffering of growing pain. The situation often comes without pre-warning, resulting in firefighting for solving the problems faced. I am a well-skilled firefighter so if you need help with someone to be thrown in and cleaning up, I’m your man. What more, I believe that I’m very good at helping you elevating your business one level, taking the necessary steps for steering your business administration into a (more) professional execution.

These are some of the scenarios, but there are many more. I believe that this is the field where my contribution can be the most significant and where I can provide you with the help you need.



Are you an established “big” company?


Lack of understanding of financial and non-financial data isn’t just a small-company problem, big organisations struggle with it just as much, especially in times of changes. Bigger companies are often stuck in old routines, systems are designed according to old structures, but these days the world is changing faster than ever.. Often that means that they need to look at their situation with new eyes. Often the problem is how to find the resources for this, especially when resources are stretched.  And lets be honest, often a new pair of eyes can be refreshing too.

I can offer you:

  • Digging into your datasets, the more data the better.
  • Link data from different system together.
  • Modeling and forecasting.
  • Be part of your team already involved with a project.
  • Manage a project towards specific goals.
  • And more.


Are you a consultant or consultancy firm?


Are you a consultant busy with a client and in need of some extra help for a specific project? Are you a consultancy firm with a need for an extra team member on a temporary basis? Get in touch. I’m Amsterdam-based, but that shouldn’t stop you – I’m available for projects involving travels, that’s never a problem.