Business Plan Development & Writing

Are you a small or medium sized business planning to expand your operations, but you would like guidance and someone who can test your assumptions with? Or are you looking for someone who can put together a complete business plan for you?

Without a professionally written and well-presented business plan and solid business planning your key to success is considerable reduced. If you have it worked out in details not only do you have a document ready for others to consider, but you also give yourself and your business a proper chance to analyse and evaluate what is taking place and what to do.


EXTERNAL aspects of your business plan


Indifferently of if you are looking for expanding your business within your own means or if you are looking for external parties to invest in you or bring knowledge to the table, it is crucial that you always have a clear plan ready. If you are in need for an external investor to come in to make your dreams come true, or even if you need a bank loan to make you grow, without a business plan there’s no way that you can even start.

What you present and how you present it is, of course, not always that straight-forward, but if you want to convince potential investors to believe in you, the best way to get that done is being convincing. How to do that? Simply by presenting your ideas in an appealing way so they find your business and you impossible to ignore.

INTERNAL aspects of your business plan


A professional business plan and solid business planning is the key to success, without doubts. Your business plan is the foundation towards the establishment and growth of a new business and it is the most important document you can have for designing your roadmap.

Even if you are not in the need for external investors to come in to make you grow, it is always a great idea to have your ideas tested and thought through. Often you can do a lot of it yourself, but having someone from the outside critically looking at your plan, products, services and structure can be more eye-opening than if you walk the road on your own.


My Business Plan-Related Services


The help I can offer you will always be taylor-made to suit your needs


Business Plan Strategy


A good business plan means having a lot of assumptions down on paper with details and nicely presented. A great business plan will have all that, while at the same time also making sure that the right questions are being asked and answered.

By mixing practical experiences with theoretical studies and literature I have worked out a framework to be used with the aim of turning every stone around, looking at all aspects of the business. The idea is to challenge all your assumptions and help you identify all the crucial aspects of what your business is about. while posing the right question is crucial, it is equally important – if not more – that you also get the framework to find the answers for your best strategic options and ideas to mold into a viable business.

Of course, I am not able to provide you with the resources that for instance consultancy firms can offer. On the other hand, you only have to pay a fraction of the fees while getting compelling guidance and a final product that you can be proud of. Besides, before anything is agreed upon from your end you will have a total outline of what my thoughts are, what the plan would look like and what you can expect – and you decide thereafter

In general I estimate a work of this kind to take at least10-15 working days, spread out over a period of 2-5 months, depending on your urgency.

Business Plan Writing


If you’re a small business and you might have a pretty clear idea already about the strategies you’d like to implement and what you’re business is about, where its future lays. What you might need help with is someone who can put it down on “paper” for you to take the business plan further to potential investors or your bank. If you’re in that position, I believe I can help.

The service I offer is to put the ideas you have into a framework, where you provide me with the content and my job is to package it for you. Business plan writing isn’t an easy task and it takes significant time and effort, in particular if you are inexperienced. To solve that challenge I write your business plan in a clear, concise and compelling way. The best approach is always to see the customers situation first and come up with a plan thereafter, but I can offer writing your full business plan from scratch including all financial projection or just simply going through your material you put together yourself and fixing it up for a better impact, both in regards to design and content.

This option is of course mainly a viable option for small businesses with products or services quite low in complexity, especially if the plan is to be written from scratch or if the turnaround time is limited

In general I estimate this kind of work to take me about 5-8 working days and can be done in one go, as long as your information is already available (otherwise we follow up with missing parts in a second phase).

Financial Business Modeling


A third service alternative is related purely to your financials. It could be that you feel that you have the writing and documentation of your business plan fully under control, but you feel uncertain about how to approach the financial data and make sense of it. It can be that you are in general not fully comfortable with numbers, or it’s simply because you feel that your excel skills are not adequate to make the most out of your data in a compelling way.

One of my strength as a business professional has always been my ability to analyse and put together figures in a way that makes sense (you can read more about my management reporting services here) and is easily understood, while covering all necessary areas.

Based on information I collect from you and your overall input I model your financial data quickly and efficiently. By identifying all your real and potential revenue streams and all your cost categories, together with your input I forecast your future activities by weighing in all assumptions available and to fully fit into your overall business plan

Depending on the complexity of your business, this is an assignment that I can have done in 2-3 days the minimum.


The way I work while developing a business plan is to use a well-established framework that I previously tested. For each component of the business plan I use checklists and analysis tools to really make sure that what ends up being i nthe final document is really essential and that nothing is missed.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company Summary
  3. Products and Services
  4. Market Analysis Summary
  5. Strategy and Implementation Summary
  6. Management Summary
  7. Financial Plan