My Consulting Services

What I can offer you is my knowledge and who I am and by combining the two provide you with a service that will hopefully even exceed your expectations. Certainly, most of the help I can offer you will be customised for your own needs, but there’s a common ground in it all: my goal is to make your business life easier by creating clarity, making your routines more efficient and helping you understand your business better. Among other things.

For an easier understanding of where exactly my help can be relevant I have my services divided in four main categories: 1. Interim Financial Management; 2. Management Reporting; 3. Business Plan Development and 4. Financial Analysis.

There is of course an “Other” basket as well, where all kind of services related to my experiences from business management will come in handy.

Interim Financial Management

With flexibility

  • Short- to medium term
  • Part-time/Full-time
  • Flexibility in role description
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Financial Analysis & Modelling

Understanding your data

  • Making Sense of Your Data
  • KPI Development
  • Internal Audit
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Business Plan Development

Ready for the next level?

  • With you and for you
  • Writing and developing
  • Presentation for clarity
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Management Reporting

Short- or Long-term

  • Develop Reports & KPIs
  • Models for variance analysis
  • Linking financial to other data
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The Way I Work


In most cases there will be plenty of overlapping areas and what work is done in reality will always involve a proper discussion of your needs.

Reaching a solution for you as the client is always my number one goal. How to come to that requires in any case a certain discipline and also the possibility to define the expected goals clearly. Therefore, my suggested approach for each new project should follow a certain procedure. This suggested route of mine is especially valid if you are new to work with freelancers and independent service providers, or you do it only occasionally. If you as a company have your own procedures in place that I’d like to follow, I’m totally open to that as well.

The important part is that we reach a clearly defined goal, the route for getting there and especially the successful outcome of a fulfilled goal.

  • Initial contact – As soon as you contact me I promise to get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Initial meeting – A first meeting will give us both the opportunity to feel the pulse and see if the chemistry is there and we can understand each other. Of course, the meeting would also involve an initial discussion about what help you need and what are the goals needed to be achieved.
  • Proposed plan – Based on the informal interview carried out and possible extra information you can share with me, I prepare a proposal covering all the important aspects of a project: deliverables, time-frame, expectations, milestones, measurement and what else we find appropriate and/or necessary. Of course, at this stage the cost aspect of our possible cooperation will be covered.
  • Contract agreement – The sent proposal should result in our final agreement, formalised in a contract.


Commitment Refund

Before I get involved in a project I find it important that the expectation are right and it’s clear what there is to expect. The reason for this is simple: my commodity here is the element of “time” and getting involved with a potential unhealthy business relationship is simply a waste of time. Both from my end, but certainly equally important from your end.

Despite all precautions taken it can happen that you as the customer aren’t satisfied. Therefore, I always offer you a refund of 75% on the daily fee after the first day’s work, if you come to the conclusion that the work I performed, or my way of working, wasn’t what you had in mind. Similarly, after three days I am offering a 50% of the daily rate. All in the spirit of making sure that you feel fully comfortable with what you get.