I have been around for a while. Even if I don’t really want the years to fly by, they do indifferently of my wishes. The good part with the passing of time is that you gain experiences. No exception in my case and the multifaceted knowledge I gained since I graduated university I’m very happy with, both professionally speaking, but just as much privately.

The years of employment took me to many different corners of the world, chances given that I am extremely grateful for, cultural impressions that made me understand the world better – and respect it. Experiences are, of course, not only measured in geographic area covered and cultural impressions gained, it’s equally important what you’ve learned for helping solving problems for others.

As discussed in the second About Me my professional experiences are coming from two main employers, two widely different companies, but both with challenging environments, albeit of different characters. Both my experiences from EF Education First and from Elsevier taught me important lessons, qualities and a set of skills that, I believe, made me a capable multifaceted resource for a wide range of business situations. Combined with my generalist approach to steadily increase my knowledge I believe that my skills can come handy in a wide range of cases.


EF Education First (Education and Travel)

From London to Amsterdam, Switzerland and Boston


EF LogoWorking eight years in the creative and booming environment provided by one of the most dynamic companies in the world taught me the value of hard work, the nothing is impossible mentality and that you simply have to outsmart your environment to get anywhere.



Elsevier (Scientific Publishing)

From Amsterdam with Oxford, New York and Boston


elsevier-logoWhile my years at EF taught me about the characteristics of a dynamic and rapidly expanding business, my Elsevier years were fun and useful times for different reason. Working in a mature business with a well-established corporate structure in a company with several centuries to look back on and with an almost unrivalled position in the scientific publishing field gave me a new perspective on business life.


Since I decided to work for myself, I already managed to work on a consultancy basis on a few projects, for testing my capabilities, all the while I was busy setting the foundation of our online business, Art Weekenders. These experiences were good tests for me to see if I would like the challenges and environment a life of a freelance consultant offers.

The organisations I have been working with until now are as follows:

  • ISIC – International Student Card Association
  • WYSE Confederation
  • ExpatZuid
  • Dreyer Media
  • LB Legal Consulting
  • Quintar Consulting
  • GOH Concept

The projects carried out were all taken care of to full satisfaction. I am able to provide detailed references from each one of them when you need them.

You can learn more about me by checking out my resume on PalUjvarosi.com, and of course you can also find me on LinkedIn.